Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wowww 3inch long leech discovered in woman's nose

A backpacker who suffered from persistent nosebleeds was horrified to discover they were caused by a three-inch-long leech which had been living up her nose for a month.

(Daniela Liverani) had been travelling around south-east Asia when she was involved in a motorbike crash.

She had thought that a lump poking from the bottom of her nose was congealed blood from a burst blood vessel after the accident. 

But just days after returning home to Edinburgh she was disgusted to find that it was the head of a huge leech which had set up camp in her nostril.After first trying to blow the leech out, and grab it with her fingers, the graduate, 24, was rushed to A&E to have the creature removed with forceps and tweezers.

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