Tuesday, 14 October 2014

US Ebola patient gets blood from survivor

Wowww (Nina Pham) the US nurse who contracted Ebola from Liberian victim, Thomas Duncan has received a life-saving blood transfusion from survivor, Dr Kent Brantly .    Nina Pham was confirmed to have the disease after participating in the treatment of the index patient,has now received the blood of Dr Kent Brantly to boost her chances of survival.                          Brantly was confirmed as the donor by Jeremy Blume, a spokesperson for the Samaritan's Purse, the missions group which the doctor works with.

Blume said:

"He's a doctor. That's what he's there to do. That's his heart,"

Picture of nurse Nina Pham :
Picture of dr Kent Brantly:

Dr Brantly was the first American to be treated for Ebola in the US after he contracted the disease in Liberia. He received the experimental drug, ZMappand has since donated blood to 3 people, all of who have survived.           

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