Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Horn Free Day In Lagos today (oct 15 )

Heheh today is d day!!!! Let's c if it works  In lagos. Well ,Lagos State House of Assembly on Tuesday expressed its satisfaction over the Horn Free Day, saying that it was a move towards addressing the problem of noise pollution and which  brings about a healthy society.

****Honourable Yusuff, while speaking on the matter, said that, “the way most of our people use horns constitute nuisance. It has caused accidents because it leads to intimidation.”

****Honourable Abiodun Tobun representing Epe I said that excessive use of horns did not only constitute environmental hazard but also psychological disturbance, noting that some drivers had turned the blasting of horns to music.                    He urged Lagosians to see the Horn Free Day as a way of experimenting good culture of driving, adding that motorists would have to be educated towards having a healthier society.                            ******Kk nau I hope all lagos commercial drivers are aware of this oooo because I trust them lolllll........

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