Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tonto dike and her (MR X)

Really this Tonto dike sef!!!!!!!!    Hehehehhe she just shared a very funny picture of herself and a guy who is supposed to be her (mrx )    And den  this caption followed !!!!!!!                               :            ( Guide ur love or source of happiness with ur life !nobody has to know anything !in the knowing comes the envy ,blah blah blah talking and hearing )#mr x miss#i miss u papi ).                       :::::::::::::::::::Abeg the story too much Lmaooooo,              (Anyways from what we can see she has a mr x whom she prefers to keep in the dark )    Away from the ladies supposedly lolzzzzzzzzz .     See picture below         :


  1. I just hate her . Too much publicity stunt

  2. She should go and rest her time don go