Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rapper (Wiz Khalifa) steps out with new lady #hehehehehe#

Wiz Khalifa may have found the perfect replacement for his ex wife just months after their separation... an did we mention she's a full white girl?

The "We Dem Boys" hit-maker was spotted strolling into the Lure nightclub in L.A with 'a half naked chick' on his arm Friday night.

From a short video released by gossip site TMZ, the rapper was in no mood for a pep-talk with reporters who were struggling to get answers as to who the mystery lady was... and was to him.

The site reports that he wasn't in the talking mood when their photog tried asking a few questions.

However, he was holding firm to the white girl while covering his face with a grey coloured hoodie but he looked like he was going in for one hell of a party.
Do you think Wiz has replaced his ex wife (Amber rose)so quickly?                            Sorce:TMZ.                                          See photo below:

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