A Colonel and other officers of the Nigerian Army are set to face a court martial for allegedly destroying armoured vehicles being used against Boko Haram hence paving way for the terrorists to operate.....

A senior officer of the army and a number of his juniors have been accused of sabotage after they allegedly set some armoured vehicles on fire allowing Boko Haram terrorists to have free reign.

Military sources reportedly stated that a Colonel and his team who were tasked with pursuing insurgents instead set fire to three Armoured Personnel Carriers(APCs) and then fled into a nearby bush.

The incident is said to have occurred in the Gulak and Madagali areas ofAdamawa State, communities which are reportedly under the control of Boko Haram.

An inside source reportedly said that that on hearing that the insurgents were approaching, the colonel “ordered his soldiers to jump out of the APC’s and set the armoured tanks on fire, without realising that he was being monitored.”

The offending officer then reportedly claimed that he and his team were overpowered by terrorists who were better armed than them.

The incident is currently being investigated and a Court Martial will reportedly soon be set up to try the soldiers for conspiracy, treason and willful sabotage.